New York, New York

As much as I love this city, and know I will miss it the day I leave, I sometimes feel that enough is enough. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy commuting into the city for work and have enjoyed the innumerable sources of entertainment the New York City streets can freely offer, but I wonder sometimes what we are doing here. On New Year’s Day I came into Manhattan with my family. Parking was a disaster, although we eventually managed to find free street parking thanks to the hard work and quick thinking of my wife. After lunch at a friend’s house, someone had the brilliant idea to head to Times Square with our two young kids. We made it out alive, but not without the added stress that the City can bring. My two young daughters enjoyed the stimulation that the hustle and bustle provided, but I longed for the suburban sprawl that has overtaken so much of the country, where I can drive from parking lot to parking lot and enjoy the same stores as found in New York with less hassle. I dare to say that I am getting old. When I was younger the glamorous streets of New York City called my name and eventually lured me to its opportunities and excitement. As a family man, New York City is pushing me out, as it makes little sense for me at this point to remain tied to the metropolis, the costs involved, the deteriorating infrastructure and the hassle. And this year is the year we will try to do something about it. After almost seven years here we will attempt this year to make the move back west later this year. Stay tuned to see how it turns out.


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