Say what you want about Facebook, but the recent $50 billion valuation by Goldman Sachs is nothing to laugh about. I joined the site almost four years ago, uploaded some pictures of myself and checked the site only occasionally, as only a handful of my friends were on the site at the time. Today, almost everyone I care to know (and several in which I don’t) are on the site. Contrary to what I initially believed back in 2007, this has been no fad, like Bebo, Friendster or MySpace. And the site had perfect timing as well. If it were not for mobile devices the site would not be as big as it is. Let’s be honest, I only check the desktop version of the ‘Book once a month or so, but since I have my phone with me at all times, it doesn’t hurt to check quickly once or twice a day as I am waiting in line at Costco, waiting for my train or watching a program on TV. What the site has created is incredible because of its sheer numbers. If Facebook were a country, it would be the third largest country in the world. More people spent time on Facebook in 2010 than other website in the world. And the company keeps innovating, which is crucial for its survival. It is creating a generation of people, young and old, that are used to living their lives subject to constant scrutiny and comment by anyone they are friends with, including those they don’t know so well. When I joined the site back in 2007, there was no way I would have imagined that I would still be checking the site four years later. I wholeheartedly expected to upload some info into the cloud, only to have it drift away as time went on. But the site is real and has had more staying power than I ever would’ve guessed. Whether you like the company or not at this point, everyone you know is on there and once you join, escaping is futile.


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