Number Three

Am I ready for another kid? I love the two I have and while I have moments of recollection where I flash back to my pre-kid life, the reality is that I would not trade in my two girls for anything. I lose my patience with them at times and am usually ready for them to go to bed each evening at 8:00 to get some peace and quiet, but they are my daughters and I love them. I have some hesitation about having number three for various reasons, but deep down I already know the answer. I don’t know how many times I have told myself, my wife and others that I am done having kids, but I already know how I feel and it is not what I have been telling everyone since number two was born. There is a number three in our future. The only question is when. The realistic response is probably sooner rather than later, but we need to figure some things out first. We are in the process of moving this year and need to put that behind us. At that point I will feel ready. But as I sit here on another flight at 37000 feet above the central U.S. and listen to Alicia Keys’ ‘Unthinkable’ my mind is made up and there is not much to do about it.


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