Gray Hair (repost)

I wrote the below post exactly two years ago today. Since then, the number of gray hairs I have has at least doubled. Long term, this doesn’t look good for me, but I would prefer it much more than losing my hair. As I look at myself every day in the mirror, the feelings and questions I wrote about exactly two years ago are just as true today, if not more so.

___________________                                                                                                                                                                                       I don’t know how it happened, but there is no mistaking it now. I have a lot of gray hair. This isn’t just a few strands here and there that blend in with the rest of my natural color, but I’m talking about a lot of grayish-white hair. On my head. I’m too young for this. Where did these gray hairs come from? I noticed a few gray hairs years ago and liked the novelty of the idea, but now more hairs appear to be joining the club each week. I actually don’t mind that much (yet) and hope it makes me look a bit more sophisticated or wise, but I am afraid of where this will go. I am nearing the end of my third decade this year. Will my head be one gray mess in ten more years? Will I even have hair at all? Is stress an actual factor in causing hair to turn gray, because I have had some of that in my life? Does anyone even know what causes gray hair other than genetics (but my dad doesn’t have that much gray)? I rather have graying hair than hair loss, but I am just curious as to how this is hitting me at this age


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