New York No More

I spent a few extra minutes walking around the bustling streets of Midtown during Friday’s evening rush hour last Friday, over streets I have walked on so many times over the past seven years. And it is a surreal experience. It is unbelievable to think that I will soon no longer call New York home. I have been critical of New York lately and have contemplated moving for the past year, but the time is now here. Within the past week my wife and I have put our house up for sale, entertained two offers and accepted the offer that eventually landed at our exact listing price. The inspection has passed and we are intent on packing up and leaving at the end of May. When things come together as smoothly as this, you know it is time to leave. New York has been good to us and it was an excellent career move for me. It was good financially and good personally. I will never forget my time here, and after seven years, would argue that it is fair for me to claim to have some New Yorker in me. My dream here has been fulfilled.

Yet, I am excited to leave and to start what we hope will be a better lifestyle. We don’t necessarily need a better life, but a better lifestyle is a key reason for the move. A lifestyle where family and relatives are nearby, where children can grow and where love and happiness can abound. Let’s hope that northern California is that place, for that is where we are headed next. The next chapter of our life together is about to begin.


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