A Hobby

I feel like I am missing something. And this is not a new feeling. Ask me what my hobbies are and I will tell you that I enjoy reading on the train to and from work every day. Which I honestly do enjoy, but there is something else missing. I have a wonderful life and family, and one that I wouldn’t change for anything; I just need something else for me to focus on. A hobby.

I hope this comes with a move to Northern California. I will probably be working earlier in the morning, which could (possibly) open up some time for me in the early evening. The weather and the environment of California may help encourage more outdoor activities, but whatever it is I choose, I need to find something. I would love to join a soccer club, take up martial arts again or even focus on parkour, cycling or even strength conditioning with a group. But I need something to focus on beyond my family, my job and reading on the train. As enjoyable as all of those things are, there is room for one more. Getting away from New York will be the catalyst and it will be up to me to make it work from there without losing sight of what really matters in life. That will be the key. And it all starts with the move.


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