On 400 Rejection Letters

I read somewhere once that no one will be successful until they have more than 100 rejection letters as evidence of their effort. Last night, in our effort to rid ourselves of the things we don’t need in connection with our move across the country, I came across my stack of rejection letters that I had kept from my job hunting days of 2006. It was fascinating to remember how much time I spent preparing cover letters, sending emails and piling up the rejection letters. The stack did not include all of the emails I received or a list of all of the firms or companies I never heard from; just the hard copy letters. I would imagine that most of the rejection letters sent today are done so electronically, but as recent as 2005-2006, that was not generally the case, as there was a time I would come home to multiple letters at a time in my mailbox. But I never took the letters personal or let them discourage me despite receiving over 400 or so of them from firms in New York City. As I looked through them last night, I thought of how eager and dedicated I must have been in searching for that first step in what I expected to become a lifelong career. And now, five years later, I get up everyday and go to a job that I could not have anticipated while I was sending out resumes, but I nevertheless enjoy. Funny how life has a way of working out when you keep trying.


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