A Week of Lasts

A week of lasts is here. My last week riding Metro-North, my last week heading to Manhattan to work on the southern side of a 40 story building, the city spread out below me, supporting me like the good friend it has been for seven years. I have written on this blog how I would return home to New York after traveling and it felt like home. It was home, until somewhere in the winter of the sixth year with two children to raise, my impression of New York began to change. I still enjoyed the city, but the lifestyle I was living didn’t nicely fit within what I would like to achieve at this stage in my life. So we’re leaving, and things have fallen into place unbelievably well, which tells me that it is time to go. And now that time is here.

Seven years ago my wife and I, married for less than one week, moved to New Rochelle, New York, a city in Westchester that has its pros and cons. But we didn’t know any better. We were still basically students. But hard work and perseverance paid off and our lives and careers will never be the same. We leave good friends behind in New York, but we join a long list of friends that have come and gone before us. It’s our turn now, and we leave with two beautiful daughters that are a product of New York. They will always be able to look to this area of the country and know that people here love them.

Between my life in New York as a student, an unemployed seeker of a lucky break, a new attorney and an established employee at a good company with a career that is headed in the right direction, the city has been one of the few constants. Whether it has been taunting me with what I didn’t have yet, or consoling me by showing me how fortunate I have been, this city has been a dear friend. Although I will miss my friends here in New York and have grown tremendously in my seven years here, the city itself may have been perhaps the best teacher of all.

Hanna at Four

The below is what I wrote on this blog in May 2007, shortly after our first daughter Hanna was born. Tomorrow, she turns 4 years old. Just like I asked four years ago, where has the time gone? We have created, taught, learned from and loved a beautiful individual full of personality. Hanna Mei is in California now waiting for me and her mom to join her as we move West from New York. I apologize Hanna for not being there on your special day, the anniversary of your birth day. Happy Birthday, Hanna. I love you.


After forty weeks of preparation, excitement and nervousness (at least for me), I am happy to announce that my beautiful baby girl is here. She was born on Friday May 18, 2007 at 6:55 pm. The labor was long (and as we were told many times, “they don’t call it labor for nothing”) and did not look fun or comfortable, but my wife stuck it out and did a great job. We named her Hanna Mei Sanchez. Surprisingly, she was a big baby, 8 lbs 9 oz and 21 inches long. She is healthy and is doing wonderful (she even let us sleep last night). I was happy to see that she has her Mom’s eyes and nose and maybe her cheeks. We’ll see what part of me crept into her. She also had a head full of dark hair and beautiful eyes. We came home on Monday the 21st, our three-year wedding anniversary. I think it has hit me by now. I’m a father. Wow. I must enjoy every moment because the time will fly.