One Month and Eight Years

I have officially lived in California for one month today. The funny thing is I don’t miss New York. Maybe it is because I still feel like I am on vacation here. Maybe it’s because my overall stress level has gone down. Maybe it is because I have consistently left the office at 5:30 pm each evening instead of my New York days when leaving at 6:3o was leaving early. But whatever it is, it has been welcome. Now with the move into our new house next week, we will feel more at home and can settle in and get to know the area. I hope we can make as good of friends as we had in New York here in the Bay Area. I hope my daughters will feel at home in their new environment. I hope that the feeling that this move was the right thing for us will continue for years to come.

I turn 32 next month. In my mind, California is part of an eight year plan for me. This means that around the time I turn 40, I will be on my way out, my fun in the sun behind me, and on to more cost-efficient, wallet-friendly, shores. But a lot can happen in eight years and for now I must focus on the present. If I do that, I’ll wake up one day with my 40th just around the corner.