Under the Stars

We’re getting settled into our new home nicely. The weather out by where we live has been amazing. Cool in the morning and evenings and not too hot throughout the day. One of my favorite things to do since we have gotten settled is to step outside at night, when the sun and the noise of the kids has gone down, and look at the stars. Our neighborhood gets pretty dark at night, which is not great for bike riding, which I have learned, but is helpful for stargazing. The nights under the stars remind me of my days in Hawaii, as a student, when I used to walk to the beach in the evening to listen to the waves crash on the shore and think, while viewing the heavens up above. Now that we have new patio furniture at the new house, I have enjoyed turning off all of the lights inside our house and deck and slip into our backyard furniture and look up at the stars. While there are no waves crashing in our backyard, the quiet is just as peaceful. I think I am going to get used to this. Since the move, and this may be a surprise to most that know me, I don’t miss New York at all. One day I might. But not now. I have seven years of stargazing to catch up on.

Another Decade

I remember when I turned 22. I was in Hawaii at the time and a few friends baked me a cake, from what I recall. As of today I am 32. So much has happened since my bachelor, college days of Hawaii, yet here I am. One more decade behind me and ten years older. I still feel young, and I am, relatively speaking, but my body is ten years older and I sometimes feel it. I have accomplished a lot since that summer birthday ten years ago, and I am wiser now, and I have so much to be grateful for. I couldn’t have planned exactly how my life has gone so far, but I don’t know that it could have gone much better.

 I moved to California less than two months ago with an eight-year plan in mind and am going to work the plan and see where it takes me. One day I’ll wake up and will be turning 42, another ten years behind me. I can only hope my thoughts then are similar to what I feel today.