Fruit Trees

There is something satisfying about eating food that you grow. In our case, we bought a house that had a few fruit trees on our yard. If we had to plant and cultivate the trees on our own, we might be in trouble and I would never be able to write this post. But we inherited many fruit-producing trees and it is merely up to us to maintain them. A few times a week I have to go pick apples from our abundant apple tree and clean up those apples that have fallen, but it is satisfying to bring in a bag of fresh apples on a regular basis. I have given apples to our neighbors and we have tried new recipes for applesauce, apple cobbler and more. I am no handyman and am far from being a green thumb, but I have learned that working in my yard can be therapeutic for me. I just hope that we can maintain the beauty of our yard for years to come now that it is all up to us.


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