But What’s Next?

Who would have thought that the regulatory compliance issues of the investment management business would one day be my focus at work. I didn’t. If you asked me when I was in law school whether that would be something that would interest me, I would have most likely said no. But it is a huge and growing industry in the U.S. and there is a need for experts in the field. I’m not claiming I’m an expert, but I am learning more and more each day. However, this is a means to an end for me. The problem is that I am not sure what I want to do next. I know I will want to do something at some point. But what? Write a book? Teach? Do some consulting? That is what comes to mind at the moment. But who knows. I guess until I have a definitive answer and the drive to pursue that next thing, I will continue to be involved in the world of investment management compliance.


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