A saying a friend told me when I was 16 has never been more true in my life than now.

Time is my enemy.

WTC Memorial

I am here at the World Trade Center Memorial in lower Manhattan. After passing the site formerly known as Ground Zero and staring in for seven years, I am finally allowed into this hallow ground. It is an impressive memorial. The two reflecting pools are larger than I imagined, marking the footprints of the feats of engineering that once stood above this great city for thirty years. I wasn’t in New York in 2001, but I remember that day well. As I stand here now, alone, the immediate thought I have is that I will be back here one day with my daughters. I will show them this memorial, take them to the museum on the site and show them how the country and great city beautifully rebuilt. I will not let them go uneducated. I will not let them forget.