Left on the Plane

So get this. I uncharacteristicly left my Kindle Fire on a flight from San Francisco to New York. After delays and a late arrival, I rushed off the plane only to realize upon arrival to the hotel that I had left it. I filed a claim online (since that is all that can be done) and was hopeful that I might see it again.

When I checked my personal email the next afternoon, I was shocked to see 40+ emails from Amazon thanking me for my purchases. Except that it wasn’t me. Yes, my password-free Kindle Fire, tied to my Amazon account and credit card, was picked up by another passenger or employee and they started a shopping spree. Thankfully, no tangible products were purchased, only digital items directly for use on the Kindle, which made it easier to mitigate. The purchases ranged from kids music and books, to diet and work-out videos and materials to erotic fantasy novels, clearly a renaissance consumer. I quickly notified my credit card company and Amazon, stopped all purchases, deregistered my device and had Amazon turn off the signal, therefore rendering it useless for anyone else. Goes to show that cheaters never win.

No charges from Amazon ever went through to my credit card (thanks Capital One and Amazon!) and the only real loss to me is the device, which sucks, but is not the end of the world.

Apparently I’m only one of many that have made this mistake, according to a recent WSJ article discussing how many iPads and Kindles each airline collects. 

One day, however, it would be nice to believe that when a fellow person makes a mistake, that those that could benefit would rather do the right thing rather than try to benefit from said mistake. But that’s perhaps too simplistic and naïve. The better idea is to not leave my personal belongings behind ever again.


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