The Thursday Night Game

Almost five years ago to the day, a group of friends and I organized a weekly night of basketball in New York. Thursday was to be the night and the inaugural game was to be Thursday May 17, 2007. Even though my first baby daughter happened to be due around that time, I was able to get out for a night of ball with the guys. While there playing basketball that night five years ago, my wife’s water broke signaling the first step of our baby entering¬†the world. I hit the game-winning shot that night and rushed home. Many long hours later (especially for my wife), we were parents for the first time.¬†

I now live in California, but tonight I am on the train headed to where it all began. The weekly game is still going on without me and I am going to join them during a business trip to New York. People have come and gone and the crowd has changed over the years, but the feelings are the same: the camaraderie, the exercise and the potential to hit that game-winning shot again five years later.