Coming Changes

I have learned firsthand how frustrating it can be when the expectations for a final result don’t match up in the workplace. But let me explain.

I am currently working on a project that I pushed to embark on at work, one that I felt was truly within my remit and should be part of my job. After some initial convincing, I was able to get it approved by the head honchos and off we went. I have come to find out, however, that the end result for the project in my mind and that of the executives in charge may not be singing from the same hymnal, so to speak. I can’t say that it was my lack of understanding or failure to communicate that caused this; it is merely an outright disagreement in how things should work. In the end, I know where I stand, and if I am going to insist that things change, I may have to be the one to initiate it. And so with that, I am thinking outside of the box and outside of the company. On this particular point, I refuse to join them if I can’t beat them.


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