In Life, Revisited

I was asked by a friend last week what is an absolute must for me to do before I die? I thought about it quickly with no immediate response, and then thought about it some more. I was stumped on exactly the type of question that I shouldn’t be stumped on. When I asked her, she responded right away and rattled off a few things that were on her bucket list. It did not come across in a selfish way by any means, but it was obvious that she had her to-do-before-I-die list front and center of her mind and was going to accomplish them one day. I did not.

Of course, under the tab above entitled “In Life”, I did once make a list of the things I wanted to do in life. But that was in 2006. Since then, I am proud to say that I can check a few things off my list, and would probably add a few others, now that I am older and theoretically wiser. But my experience with my friend the other day went to show me how often I think of what I would want to do if I had the chance, as I literally could not come up with a single, solid response. Between trying to do my job well and manage my career, raise children, oversee a household, maintain a good marriage, serve in my church, and find some leisure time for myself, I have forgotten what I would really want to do if I had the time to do it. I am doubtful that I will be in a position anytime soon to focus on me, but it is important to always remember who’s life you’re living.


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