The Page Turner

In connection with transitioning jobs, I made one last trip to New York. On this one last trip, I was tasked with handing over my many roles and responsibilities at my firm so that things don’t fall through the cracks once I leave. I’m happy to report that it was a productive trip and I feel satisfied from a professional standpoint that I have achieved a lot in the last four years and am now in a position to move on.

But as I left the New York office today one last time, I had some mixed emotions. Though I still have a few weeks left at this firm, I won’t be back to New York during that time. And regardless of saying “Let’s keep in touch.” to numerous people, I know the reality is that life goes on. I left without saying goodbye to every single person because I know that once I start down that path, I will inevitably miss someone. So instead, I focused my limited time in the office on the few individuals with whom I had a more meaningful relationship. When my car came to take me to the airport today, I grabbed my things and walked out, not looking behind me as I left.

It was bittersweet and truly felt like I was turning the page as I left the building lobby, both in terms of the friends I was leaving behind and leaving the City that I love as well. With my new job I won’t have the chance to travel to New York at all, and my quarterly visits will be missed. Despite this, however, I know I am making the right decision for myself, my career and my family and I’m extremely excited about it. Things come to an end, but the important thing is to remember the good and the lessons learned, feel satisfied with my own performance, have no regrets and move forward with my own progression. Under that definition of success, I am happy to report a sense of achievement.


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