Good Times and Bad

Another Presidential Election has come and gone. I’m not surprised, enraged or disappointed with the results. In fact, I believe the President’s influence plays less of a role to what goes on in this country than people tend to think. But yes, the buck must stop somewhere, someone must be accountable, and at times, a scapegoat is necessary, and alas, there is the need for a president. If one thing is clear, however, it is that the country is pretty evenly divided. Without getting into the political issues, the widespread belief is that change is necessary from our current course. How and in what form that change takes place is what is disagreeable. The coming years will be crucial to this country, but I am a believer in Americans, our country and the future. While not everything in our country’s or world’s future is rosy and bright, I believe that there is still hope and perhaps many good years ahead. The United States has had dark times in its past and has gotten through them. But as optimistic as I sound, it would be foolish of me to not prepare my family for difficult times in the near future. My advice then is to save money, get out of debt, store food and supplies and prepare for some turbulent times ahead – whether weather, economic or political, they are a coming.


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