Game of Thrones

I know I haven’t posted any blog posts or book reviews for a while, but that is because I have been busy with my reading/writing time reading Book Two, A Clash of Kings, of the Game of Thrones series by George R.R. Martin. I didn’t read Book One, but did watch the entire season that HBO created last year and found it extremely well done and outright impressive. After a few episodes, I was hooked on the story and wanted to see where it would go. Since the HBO series followed Book One so closely, I felt that I could jump right into Book Two, which I have done and wish I had more time to just sit and finish the book. I am not historically a reader of fantasy (or sci-fi, for that matter), but this story has just the right mix of realism and fantasy, without all of the mysticism or magic that accompanies other books of the genre, such that Game of Thrones is believable. Martin has created a whole new world, like unto our world that we know, but different enough that the reader recognizes its differences while still being able to relate to the overall way of life. Oh, and the characters, how deep and rich. There are scores of people passing in and out of Martin’s world and it takes some time to keep everyone straight, but they are well developed, believable, and all truly different. I simply do not understand how Martin sat down and developed the storyline and characters that he has, but like millions of people around the world, I am now one of the beneficiaries of his creativity and hard work.


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