Office Space

I have had my own office at work the past few months and must say I miss the open floor plan from my prior job. Yes, I didn’t have much privacy and overheard everyone’s phone conversations and personal details, but there is something flattening for an organization when the partners have no bigger of a desk or a work space than the most junior analysts. Years ago, coming from the law firm/office environment that I had in my first job (when I first started this blog), the shift to the open floor was a change for me, but the recent change back to an office has been tough. Maybe because it is too quiet alone in my office. Maybe because I feel that my coworkers largely hide in their offices and often close their doors. Maybe because I have no idea what other people are working on. But either way, I have now learned that I prefer to be more visible and intermingled with my colleagues than isolated in an office. As a federal employee, however, I should be appreciative of the fact that I have a nice office space with a view of Nob Hill, for I know that not every federal agency is as lucky in terms of professionalism and quality of the facilities. But I can’t help but wonder whether the employees at my agency wouldn’t be closer or more effective if there was an environment that encouraged more interaction. That was my experience in the past and one I may seek again in the future.


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