Reminded Again

Five years ago I wrote on this same site that it was eleven years since I had my bone tumor removed. Well, again on December 19, I am reminded of that same event, but now it has been 16 years to the day since I went under the knife and had a bone tumor removed from my upper right humerus bone. I’m glad to report that after all of these years, I am doing just fine other than a rather impressive scar that I have often showed off over the years. One consequence of the surgery was reduced movement and rotation in my right arm and a tendency to get tired faster than my left arm when performing strenuous activity. My nerves up and down my arm also were affected and tingle from time to time, but overall I consider these things as minor in nature and they definitely do not outweigh the benefits received from the removal of a large, overgrown and deformed piece of bone that was growing in my arm. I don’t know what would have happened if I didn’t have the surgery, but I will forever be grateful for the technology and skills that allowed for me to have the surgery. My life is better off than it could have been due to modern medicine.


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