I posted on my Twitter feed the other day (@soundtosound) the following: Who knew I would see the day when Swedish House Mafia was played on the mainstream radio station. And I’m serious, but I guess not overwhelmingly surprised. I should have seen this coming. Ever since 2009 I have tried to follow the Electronic Dance Music (EDM) scene the best I could from a distance, but it is plainly obvious that EDM is here to stay. Remember thirty years ago when many thought that Rap was a fad and would ultimately fade? Well, it hasn’t, and neither will EDM. Whether it’s trance, progressive, house, dubstep or drum and bass, this is not the techno from the 1990s. The music and technology is much more sophisticated, the audience is young and global and the DJs behind the music are raking in millions. I dare someone to turn on the radio to any pop or Top 40 station today and not find a song that does not include EDM elements – they hardly exist anymore. In fact, Calvin Harris and David Guetta are radio stars these days and attract mainstream radio and media coverage, even though they are only the surface of the entire EDM scene. Just look at the numbers and the audience that Electric Daisy Carnival brings in – and it’s growing every year (see the 2012 EDC trailer here). This is the world’s future generation and perhaps the future of music. Personally, I credit Tritonal’s Air Up There podcast over the past three years as one of the largest reasons why I am into EDM today. Thank you, Chad and Dave, and keep up the good work.


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