Only One

Parenting day in and day out can be tough. There are times I take the long-term view and the small inconveniences of raising three young kids don’t bug me too much. Other days, my kids try my patience and I can’t wait to take a break. Is this how my parents constantly felt? I like to think so, even if I as a kid never quite felt that from them. And I hope my kids don’t feel it from me. I had a great childhood in so many ways, and this is my kids’ childhood. You only get one and it helps to shape the rest of your life. I can’t mess this up for them.

A Change Gonna Come

Opportunities do knock. I can say that with certainty. Some are more apparent than others, but they are there. Sometimes, the opportunity requires that you act quickly and may result in significant short-term change. The ability to recognize and seize the opportunity, analyze and decide on an informed basis quickly and act requires speed, efficiency, logic and a sense of knowing yourself and what is best for you and your family.

I believe I have been presented with an opportunity that may be few and far between. The action would require change at multiple levels. But sometimes these risks, or actions, pay off in the long run. I have recognized and seized the opportunity and am working my way through the rest right now. But I can feel it. I feel like Sam Cooke singing, “A change gonna come” and it’s exciting.