The Decision

Although I’m not the best planner when it comes to outings with my kids or planning meals at home (although my wife wishes and encourages me to be better), I believe I have been good at managing my career. The curse of that, however, is the constant thinking and planning for the next move, step or event. I came into my current job believing that it would be a unique experience and a stepping stone to somewhere else. Now that I’m there, I can’t help but think when and where that something else will be. I have been presented with an opportunity that appears great, but would require a big change for our family. And, I just started a new job not long ago. So what do I do?

I have a few choices, as far as I see it. I either jump at the opportunity presented knowing that it will require a leap of faith and hope it all works out, or I pass on it and be patient and hope something similarly interesting comes down the road. Both options have their pros and cons, but it is not an easy choice. My gut instinct tells me to do the latter, but I want to make an informed choice and am going back with some questions to the potential firm. If the new job didn’t require a move and outright change to our whole lives, I would do it. But it is the move, so soon after doing a big move in 2011, that has me hesitating. What feels right? What is best for my wife’s career? For her? My kids? These are not easy decisions and alter the course of many lives.  

I am not trying to run away from where we live now. In fact, there are things I love about where we are now and how our lives run. Is that worth changing? Is now the right time? Is the new place the right place for me, despite being a perfect fit on paper?

I have a few more days and then must let them know my decision. I’m not entirely sure what I’ll decide yet.

Lucky Enough

I spent some of last weekend at Pebble Beach Golf Course, in between Monterey and Carmel, on the beautiful Pacific Ocean. At the house we stayed at, there was a decorative sign on the wall that read, “If you’re lucky enough to have a house on Pebble Beach, then you’re lucky enough.”

Which got me thinking. In the world we live in, I am sometimes guilty of comparison, yet I live a life that some only dream of. I don’t dream of it, but I can imagine that some would. And so perhaps I should create my own sign to hang in my house to serve as a reminder. It would read, “If you’re lucky enough to have good health, a beautiful family, a job, a roof over your head and food to eat every day, then you’re lucky enough.” Perhaps that would put things in perspective for me and help to quash the constant comparison of what I perceive to be lacking from my life.