On the Road Again

A year ago this week I was in London for business. It was a memorable and exciting trip for both personal and professional reasons. I took a direct Virgin Atlantic flight from San Francisco to Heathrow, which, on Virgin’s Upper Class, was a nice vacation on its own, and spent quality time with colleagues at work and explored one of the great world cities after hours.

But that was then. My reality now is working predictable hours for the U.S. government, where, due to budget shortages, only “mission critical” travel is permitted (not that going to London would have ever been an option anyway regardless of the budget). As I recall that trip a year ago, I am reminded of my many prior travels for my last job and realize how much I enjoyed them after not traveling for these past six months. Business travel provided something for me to look forward to, broke up the routine and provided a needed break from time to time (not to mention allowed me to catch up on books and movies). From New York, to London to Zurich to Milwaukee and so on, I had a schedule that took me out every six weeks or so. Now, I couldn’t tell you the next time I will be traveling for work. But, at least I have a job and have one that may lead one day to a position that allows me to travel again one day. Let’s hope so, for in trading my family for a few days of my own, I came to better appreciate the family and life I truly had waiting for me at home.


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