Back to where it all started

When you know, you know.

I was supposed to spend today in Minneapolis. I was looking forward to it and had an exciting day planned out. But I knew it was not the right thing. Instead, another offer arose much earlier than I once expected and that is the one that I have decided to pursue. It felt right. It made sense both in my mind and in my gut. And so, once I knew, I proceeded and canceled my trip to Minneapolis.

So we are embarking on more changes, both for my family and me professionally. There is a lot of work to do and a lot to accomplish. But despite my current lack of sleep, I am excited. I believe that this will be a positive move for our family. I am asking my wife to leave a job she enjoys at a good employer and exchange it for the unknown. It took her a few days to process the idea, but she is fully on board now and I appreciate her trust and support of me. I couldn’t do any of this without her.

And now I’m taking her back to where our relationship started and where I thought I would never return to live. But it will be our new home.


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