City Solace No More

There are times I miss being in New York City, but I have not missed living in New York since we left. Once we did leave for the Bay Area, I never developed the same affinity for the City of San Francisco. I do, however, miss being in California at times. We had a good life in the East Bay.

It’s not that I didn’t like the City of San Francisco, it was just not my first love. But there were certain days in San Francisco, when the weather was just perfect and I used to walk along the waterfront on the Embarcadero, with the Bay Bridge gleaming in the sun, the diverse crowd flowing by me on their way to the Ferry Building or to North Beach, and I couldn’t ask to be anywhere better.

Now that I am in Salt Lake City, the direct connection to the city itself is limited. But my family and I have been exploring the world around us outside of the city. Ironically, I am busier with my current job than with any of the previous jobs I held in New York or San Francisco. My escape today lies not in the city around me, as was previously my solace, but in the natural landscape that Utah offers.


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