Gazing Up

I surprised my wife last year when I told her that I have always been fascinated with astronomy. It’s true, although it would not be accurate to call stargazing a hobby. I hardly know much about the topic. But that doesn’t mean I am not fascinated by the universe. I mean, who would not be literally star-struck when thinking about the size and scope of our universe and the literal countless stars and galaxies that surround our tiny planet.

With my new revelation to her in mind, she planned a date for us last weekend. We went to one of the mountain resorts away from the city’s light pollution and were blessed with a clear night. After a quick powerpoint presentation in astronomy 101 at the nearby lodge, we embarked into the black night to peer through massive telescopes at the heavens above us. It was incredible. I saw more stars that night than I maybe had ever before. And with guides there to instruct us, I felt like I actually knew what I was looking at. From constellations to Saturn’s rings to meteors, galaxies and the shroud of the Milky Way. It was spectacular and perhaps a once in a lifetime experience.

That night, more so than most nights, I couldn’t help but feel small. At the same time, I felt that there was no way our universe and our lives were random. One day we’ll know more, but for my life now, my goal is to keep moving forward and remembering to look up at the stars at night with curiosity and smile, thankful to be with my family on earth at this time.