Four Futures

For the fourth time in what feels like a short timeframe, I am tasked with helping choose a name for a daughter. The names we chose for our first three girls just seemed to fit. But with number four, due any day now, I am not sure I am comfortable that the name we have tentatively agreed on fits quite yet. I am nervous about how this will go – four girls. While on the one hand, we’re veterans of the baby world, I on the other hand feel like my body is not the same as it was just seven years ago when we had our first child. The late-night crying, the constant neediness, the juggling of three other high-maintenance girls. Work, work, work.

Between family and my chosen career, I am not sure who I have become. Maybe that is the story of many 30-year olds; maybe that is my own attitude problem. In the end, I have a beautiful and healthy family. We have what we need and so much more. I just need to open my eyes and enjoy each one of them. This is my kids’ childhood. What I do with my time when I am free to do whatever I want will forever shape their lives and my future with them. Smile. Wake up. Work hard. Enjoy.