Car Audio

Whatever happened to car audio? 20 years ago when I was a teenager, it seemed like a big subset of our generation cared about how the music sounded coming out of your car. Entire sections of big box electronic stores were dedicated to car audio. There were even stand-alone stores dedicated to sub-woofers, amps, decks with removable faces, some of which even came with remote controls. Now, the industry is dead as far as I can tell. Is it because the stock audio incorporated into cars these days is good enough, if not more than sufficient, or is it because everyone is too busy playing on their phones all day with no need or energy to spare thinking about car audio.

All I can say is that among the many industries digital music and smart phones have killed, the car audio industry is often overlooked. Kids these days will never know what my memorable experience was like driving in a friend’s suped-up car thumping two 12-inch subs in the back for the entire neighborhood to hear. Another adolescent pastime down the drain that will be lost forever for today’s kids.