Two Years

It was exactly two years ago this week that we moved to Salt Lake City. It is hard to believe. It feels like we have been here forever, yet the time has flown by. In a few months our total time in Utah will surpass our total time in California. We have been blessed here with family nearby and good friends. I have switched jobs since we have been here, but I am now in a position I would like to be in for a while (in fact, I promised to stay in for a minimum period of time). With four young girls, this is the part of life that is simultaneously fun, busy and stressful, and there is little end in sight. But as people constantly remind me, the time flies by and there is life after kids, so enjoy this time while I have it. That is good advice as the day-to-day routine sometimes gets to me and tries my patience. Fortunately I have four great daughters who are happy and healthy. The world is an ever-changing and scary place, I just hope we can raise them well enough for them to thrive and be themselves and find that true sense of happiness we all strive for, but only a select few find.