Highest and Best Use

I have recently heard the term “highest and best use” a few times in various contexts, such as, “I wonder what the highest and best use of that property is?” It has gotten me thinking: what is my highest and best use?

I admire people who have figured this out and live up to it, like the great leader and author John C. Maxwell. His writings and thoughts on leadership and personal development are simply inspiring to me. But, unfortunately, I am often found in the mainstream crowd of spending time scrolling through my phone or watching Netflix – clearly not the highest and best use of that moment. There is nothing inherently wrong with those activities, to be sure, but as with most things, there is a hierarchy among good, better and best. And striving for the best, especially when it comes to how one spends his or her time, I am learning is what truly separates the accomplished from the mediocre.

The great equalizer is that we all have 24 hours in each day, regardless of who you are, week after week, year after year. Those that accomplish more consciously choose to do so. With 36 years of life behind me, I need to spend more time thinking of what the highest and best use of my time and talents is and spend more time acting. Without getting into specifics, my highest and best use is to get to work on my highest and best use. The clock is ticking . . . .


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