In Life

The following are things I want to do or achieve before I die, in no particular order:

  • Visit China and Hong Kong
  • Travel through Japan from Hokkaido to Kyushu and climb Mount Fuji
  • Write a book (fiction or non)
  • Take my wife to Glacier National Park
  • Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro with my wife
  • Buy a house
  • Raise my child (and future children) to be a good person
  • Save enough money to be comfortable after retirement
  • Become a teacher somewhere
  • Stay healthy until the day I die
  • Run/Walk a marathon
  • Go on a World Cruise
  • Visit India
  • Live in Tokyo
  • Visit the Middle East
  • Become a good listener
  • Become a mentor
  • Visit the Olympics
  • Visit Brazil
  • Find the job I love
  • Be proud of myself for always doing what is right
  • Have a dog I love
  • Never become tired of reading and learning
  • Memorize some great poetry/book passages
  • Always keep a journal
  • See the sun rise from Haleakala
  • Read the entire Bible
  • Visit all of the 50 states
  • Visit Paris again
  • Improve my Spanish
  • Take my wife horseback riding
  • Work somewhere that people have generally heard of
  • Visit Singapore
  • Visit Sydney
  • Stay in touch with my best friends
  • Always stay true to my faith
  • Feel rich
  • Learn to play some songs on the piano
  • Visit South Korea
  • Become more patient
  • Drive a sports car on a racing track
  • Visit Africa
  • Improve my Japanese language skills
  • Visit Dubai

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  1. Great blog. Great list. Enjoy NY while you can!!

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