Third Time’s the Charm

Two years ago we bought a house in the East Bay thinking we might be there for a while. But plans have changed, as they often do, and we are on the move again. Fortunately, it is a good time to sell a house. At our Open House this past weekend, our agent told us that we had about 100 groups come through. That puts the offer probability fairly high, and in fact, I am expecting to receive multiple offers. The bottom line is that to buy our home, an offer will probably have to be more than the listing price, and may be much more for the winning bid. Good news for us.

Given that we are looking to buy in our new city, higher prices means more cash and that means more flexibility. The home we own now is our second since my wife and I have been married, but I know enough now to know that you don’t actually own the home, it owns you. With this third house, I know what I am looking for and the added flexibility we are blessed to have may help us finally achieve the house I have envisioned in my head all along.