May Memories

There is a week span in May every year that is special to me. Within mid May each year lies Mother’s Day, my oldest daughter’s birthday and my wedding anniversary, this year being ten years since we tied the eternal knot. My daughter is turning 7 years’ old in a matter of days and I count my blessings everyday.

May also brings to mind countless other memories, the last seven years’ of which are generally described on this blog. We made the big move from New York three years ago in May, I accepted a job offer that has materially changed my life and family in May, we have taken memorable trips in May and years ago, prior to writing on this site, I fell in love with the one I thought I would one day marry and one of the most amazing girls I have ever met. All in May. All in the past. All a part of me. And that is what is great about writing, even if no one else reads it, it will have lasting meaning for me well into the future. My life is more meaningful because I write, I memorialize, I do more than just remember, I record. I write, however infrequent these days, to remember how the past has guided me to where I am. May has always been good to me. 2014 is no exception.